*Current Project: Sustainable Energy Project supported by NSF

Limited availability of energy resources has motivated the need for developing efficient measures of conserving energy. Conserving energy in commercial buildings is an important goal since these buildings consume significant amount of energy, e.g., 46.2% of all building energy and 18.4% of total energy consumption in the US. This project focuses on a novel application to be deployed at Ralph & Goldy Lewis Hall (RGL) at the University of Southern California as a practical research testbed to optimize multiple competing objectives — i) amount of energy used in the buildings; ii) occupants’ comfort level; and iii) practical usage considerations — while considering uncertainty over occupant preferences when negotiating energy reduction.

To effectively address the above challenges, we estabilish an active collaborative environment and build smart energy systems based on multiagent coordination. We specifically collaborate with researchers in different departments including Computer Science (Teamcore Research Group), Civil and Environmental Engineering (Innovation in Integrated Informatics LAB) and Psychology departments at USC and School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University.


*Previous Projects:
- Multiagent Adjustable Autonomy Framework (MAAF) supported by DARPA & Perceptronics Solutions, Inc.

- Machinetta: Advanced Command and Control for Autonomous System Teams (ACCAST) supported by Lockheed Martin ATL

- Rough Terrain Navigation for Planetary Rovers supported by JPL, NASA

In Korea:
- Intelligent Robot Software Platform (iRSP): part of the International Robotics Development Program, one of the 21st-century Frontier R&D Programs supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea

- ERMS (Email Response Managing System) supported by Bonavision, Inc.

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